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大衡在中国已成就的项目包括:喜来登温泉酒店,结合地景与地貌设计的五星酒店、深圳东莞星光之城(Mid town)14万平方米购物商城,金地沈阳企业总部(钻石中心)、上海红星美凯龙真北店建筑及商场设计、高档会所接待中心享誉业界,并持续为这些亚洲的业主服务。这些作品经常在报刊杂志中被等引为佳作,设计乃一种全方位服务的过程,

DH Design is a professional consulting team comprised of architects, interior and landscape with an office in Shanghai and Taiwan. Our projects have a strong emphasis on unique creative and mature idea, principle involving both public and private sectors. This involves a wide range of architect; interior and landscape design, public space, commercial retail, hotel and office, house projects. Emphasis is on contemporary design with cultural and history influences.
Projects in China include Hilton hotel hot spring combine landscape and building form 140,000 ㎡ commercial project in Shenzhen, Gemdale headquarter in Shenyang (Diamond center), MKL, Shanghai retail design highest class club with a variety of commercial and private roof top published gardens and so on, they are frequently, residential gardens in Asia. With a process of whole design service, we can combine Architecture, landscape, interior these three areas, by professional people and word together to solve the comprehensive problem. To make everything get a great happen.

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